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Doughboy Swimming Pools

Create the backyard of your dreams with an above ground pool from Doughboy


65 years ago, Doughboy introduced the original portable, above-ground swimming pool. Ever since, Doughboy has become recognized as an industry leader by staying committed to quality design, engineering and service

Doughboy pools are extremely versatile.  They are available in round or oval and can be up to 7 feet deep.

Learn more about this great brand of swimming pools and let us help you “Vacation In Your Own Backyard.”


Our most popular Doughboy Models:

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Autumn Breeze Desert Spring Palm Shore Copper Canyon
 52" Resin Frame 52" or 54" Resin Frame 52" Steel Frame  48" or 52" Steel Frame
6 1/2" Resin Toprails 8" Resin Toprails 8 1/2" Steel Toprails 7" Steel Toprails
Doughboy Desert Spring Pool Doughboy Palmshore



A Size for Any Backyard

Round Sizes              Oval Sizes
12'      •      16' 12'x20'    •    12'x24'    •    12'x28'    •     12'x32'
18'      •      21' 16'x24'    •    16'x28'    •     16'x32'
24'      •      28' 18'x34'    •    18'x38'

Go Deeper with Doughboy

Doughboy Deep End


Only Doughboy's 20 and 25 Mil True Expandable Liners are designed to expand smoothly into an Optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for Underwater Swimming.

Up to 7 foot deep end!

Just one of the many reasons '"It's gotta be Doughboy"

Doughboy Q & A

Can I have a deep end in my Doughboy Pool? What makes Dboy Pool Frames stronger than the rest? Are Dboy's walls as strong as their frames?