Retail Sales Associate

Are you looking for a fun place to work? Come join the Zagers Pool & Spa family! We are looking for a full-time Retail Sales Associate who is energetic, friendly, and eager to assist customers in our retail stores. 


  • Greet and assist customers when they arrive
  • Provided exceptional customer service
  • Assist customers with pool and spa chemical and supply purchases
  • Respond to customer phone calls as necessary
  • Test pool/spa water and provide customer with recommendations
  • Stock shelves
  • Keep showroom organized and clean
  • Maintain store displays as needed
  • Clean pool area as necessary
  • Other duties as needed

 No experience is necessary. We will train the right person. Competitive compensation based on previous work experience.


  • Prompt & reliable
  • Outgoing & Friendly
  • Neat and clean appearance
  • Follows directions
  • Willingness to learn
  • Attend training and staff meetings
  • Energetic self-starter
  • Physical ability to move up to 50lbs and to perform tasks that require prolonged standing
Full time position hourly rate based on experience. Great benefits – medical, dental, vision, life and Simple IRA with a match. Company uniform and training. Background check required. High School Graduate. 1-year work experience.

Pool & Spa Technician

Are you mechanically inclined, enjoy working outside, and willing to learn? Then a Pool & Spa Service Technician may be a good fit for you! This is a full-time position M-F with an occasional “on call” rotation. Candidates will have a neat, clean appearance and will able to communicate effectively with customers and service team.

Pool & Spa Service Technicians are part of our Service Department, an important face of our company that helps build lasting relationships with our customers. You must be a hard worker, possess a positive attitude, and have a passion for fixing pool & spa equipment despite the weather. We are willing to train the right candidate.


  • Travel to customers’ homes in West Michigan 
  • Repair Pool and Spa equipment 
  • Open and Close Pools & Spas
  • Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Arrive at job site at scheduled time and location as dispatched
  • Relocate from one job site to another as dispatched during the workday
  • Communicate with dispatcher when arriving and leaving job sites
  • Complete service work orders accurately and timely
  • Communicate with customer courteously and effectively
  • On call status for emergency service as required
  • Work as a member of the Service Team


  • Previous industry experience is a plus
  • Willingness to invest time in training seminars and classes
  • Willingness to become a Certified Technician
  • Basic knowledge of service tools and testing devices
  • Operate power and hand tools safely
  • Willingness to develop customer service skills
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Willing to work outside in all types of weather
  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • Neat and clean appearance

Full time position hourly rate based on experience. Great benefits – medical, dental, vision, life and Simple IRA with a match. Company uniform and training. Background check required. High School Graduate. 1-year work experience.

Zagers’ Passion

Our passion is bringing family and friends together by building relationships and creating a vacation in your own backyard.


At Zagers, our specialty stores thrive on building trusted relationships in the community. We do this by being the neighborhood expert that customers can count on for honest advice. We know that we may not always know the answers, and that’s okay too. “I don’t know, but I will find the answer for you” is better than guessing and giving misinformation. We are always eager to find solutions for water issues and make product recommendations based on what is best for the customer, not the bottom line. We understand that our reputation and good word of mouth will allow us to prosper long term.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are things I can do to build stronger relationships?

Key Attributes:

  • Understands Value of Reputation
  • Does the Right Thing
  • Builds Trusted Relationships
  • Gives Honest Advice

When we look good, we feel good. We are selling backyard family fun so there is no need to be stuffy, but we do know that tucking in our shirts and being ‘put together’ impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with our customers. We always look and act the part and our pride and passion for Zagers shows through. This also means we have a passion for continuously learning new products, attaining new skills, and taking on new responsibilities that may make us uncomfortable. In order for Zagers to grow, we must be willing to challenge ourselves.

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I proud of how I present myself at work?
  2. How can I prepare for and embrace change?

Key Attributes:

  • Passionate and Committed to Zagers
  • Has a Desire for Continual Self-Improvement
  • Keeps a Clean & Organized Store, Vehicle
  • Has a Well-groomed Appearance / Uses Appropriate language

Anyone can quickly search and buy items online so when a customer walks in our store we want them to be treated like gold so that it doesn’t even cross their mind. We hear all the time that customers would rather support small business than have the giants take over. Great customer service is our best weapon that will keep customers returning and our doors open. This means we greet customers with a smile, escort them to what they need, answer questions eagerly, and speak highly of all staff and departments. If a customer is directed to another dept or team member, we follow through and communicate next steps and resolution with all staff involved with the interaction. If a quote is promised to a customer in 2 hours, we make every effort to send it in 1. If we say we will be at a customer’s house in 2 hours and we are unexpectedly delayed, we call and reset expectations.

Ask yourself:

  1. What companies do I go to because their service is exceptional?
  2. Is there something I can do to replicate that service at Zagers?

Key Attributes:

  • Treats others as they would like to be treated
  • Exceeds Expectations
  • Pays Attention to Details
  • Has an ‘eager to help’ attitude

The only way we win is if EVERYONE works together. We are a supportive work family. We lift up those who fall down, celebrate milestones, and are eager to help. We don’t let things fester. When there are disagreements, we have the courage to hash out a resolution. There are times when we must do things we don’t want to do. Regardless, there is no complaint department. If an issue is raised, we come prepared with possible solutions. Everyone works together to take care of one thing, the customer. It doesn’t matter who is “supposed” to do what. Our busy season is much like a boat in a storm, making cooperation and reliability very important. It’s an “all hands-on deck” kind of spirit from the first pool opening to the last pool closing. And with the Zagers Team you are guaranteed a lot of laughter and fun along the way.

Ask yourself:

  1. What can I do differently so that we work better together?
  2. How does my attitude affect the team?

Key Attributes:

  • Acts for the greater good of the organization
  • Works together to achieve shared company goals
  • Cooperative, Reliable and Supportive