Vacation in Your Own Backyard with a Swimming Pool

Are your kids bored, gone all the time, or always have their face glued to a phone? Is everyone in your family moving in different directions? Do you ever feel like you’ve lost connection with your family? You’ve planned vacations, but after delayed flights, lost luggage, and a hotel that looked far better in the brochure…. you came home feeling… well, exhausted?

We found that a vacation in your backyard can solve these frustrations. There’s no screen time in the pool! The kids will want to spend time at home, and you’ll get to know their circle of friends. Your backyard will feel like a fun gathering place to unwind and reconnect – all without packing a bag.

We all know a friend or family member that has a pool. It just feels good to be there. We look forward to the smiles, laughter, music and magic that happens around water. Ultimately, we want to help reconnect your family and  get you splashing!