Pool & Spa Guides


Pool Guides

BioGuard 3-Step Process

Learn about the proven BioGuard 3 Step Pool Chemical Process for chlorine pools.

ABOVE GROUND: How to Vacuum Your Pool

Learn about how to hook up and vacuum your Doughboy or Sharkline pool.

ABOVE GROUND: How to Clean Your Pool Filter

Learn about how to clean your Cartridge, D.E., or Sand Filter.

ABOVE GROUND: How To Open Your Pool

Use this handy guide to open your above ground pool in 10 steps.

ABOVE GROUND: Simple Salt System

Learn about the Simple Salt System for your above ground pool.

ABOVE GROUND: How to Close Your Pool

Use this step-by-step guide to close your above ground pool for the winter.

IN-GROUND: BioGuard SaltScapes Program

Learn about the BioGuard SaltScapes saltwater program for your in-ground pool.

Spa Guides

Spa Maintenance Guide

This guide walks through recommended weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance for your spa.

Where to Install Your Spa

Packed full of things to consider when deciding where to place your new spa.

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