Visit Zagers for FREE Pool and Spa Water Testing

Water testing is a critical component to pool and spa care. It prevents all kinds of issues from occurring from skin irritation, algae, staining, and increases the longevity of your liner and equipment. We recommend having your water professionally tested every 3-4 weeks to prevent downtime and expensive repairs. Our Water Care Experts are specifically trained to help solve any water problems you may be having.

2 Easy Ways to Have Your Water Tested

Drop Off

Zagers offers a convenient way to test your pool or spa water while you get on with life. Drop off your water sample during business hours and we will call you with results the same day! Check out the process below.

Stop In

Bring a water sample in at any time and we will have it tested for you.  This is a great option for those who plan to browse the store and don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes if the staff is assisting others.


How Does the Water Drop Off Process Work?

1. Attach a Form to Your Water Sample

Fill out a Water Test Form and attach it to the bottle. Print Form here or retrieve one from the bin.

2. Drop Off Water Sample in Bin

Place your water sample into  the water drop-off bin located by the front door of each Zagers location.

3. The Water Sample is Tested

Your water will be run through BioGuard’s expert computerized water testing system, ALEX.

4. Results are Communicated

A Zagers’ Water Expert will contact you with results and may suggest products to  solve issues.

5. Purchase Chems if Needed

If products are needed for your water, simply purchase them over the phone with a credit card.

6. Pick Up Pre-paid Order

Your order will be waiting for you for fast and easy pick-up. ..or simply pick up your water bottle.

Print Water Testing Form

Save time by printing your water testing form now!


We use the BioGuard ALEX® computerized water analysis system, which provides accurate results in an instant. BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and has continued to research and refine the process. All you have to do is bring in a water sample from your pool or spa to Zagers, and you’ll receive personalized step-by-step instructions for start-up, closing, and maintenance. It’s that easy!

Water testing is important to achieve and maintain a safer swimming environment. If your water is out of balance or your pH isn’t in the right range, it can cause problems—such as equipment damage and swimmer discomfort. Balanced water also contributes to the effectiveness of other products, so it is an important start to your water care regimen.

We recommend using a regular water bottle that has never held any products that could alter the test results, such as pop or other acidic liquids. For your convenience, free water bottles are available at all 4 of our locations.

We recommend collecting water at least 18” from the surface so that you aren’t just skimming water off the top of the pool or spa. This ensures a more accurate reading. Also, try to avoid grabbing water near the return jets or skimmer (chlorine levels can be higher if you use sticks/tabs in the skimmer basket).


BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Unlike test strips, several parameters beyond the basics are analyzed to understand how they may be influencing each other. Accurate results the first time saves you time and money.