The One, The Only, The Original Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

Zagers is proud to be your West Michigan certified Jacuzzi Dealer. As a certified Jacuzzi Dealer, the Zagers team knows everything you could want to know about Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. Whether you’re in the market for a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, need installation, maintenance, repair, or water care, you can count on our staff.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs deliver unparalleled performance

From luxury hydrotherapy to family fun and relaxation, Jacuzzi delivers spectacular, high-quality spas. They do so with exceptional design and a legacy like no other Spa manufacturer. This includes optimal placement of jets to target the right areas, ergonomic seating which follows the contours of the human body for ultimate relaxation. These are high-quality hot tubs which offer some of the best in engineering and even their own distinguished jet design.

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Why Choose Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® is synonymous with the words “hot tub.” Since 1968, Jacuzzi® has been fine tuning hot tubs and mastering the hydrotherapy experience by combining the perfect mix of air and water with the right placement of jets to deliver the optimal hydromassage. Their history of quality makes them one of the most trusted hot tub brands on the market.

Browse the Jacuzzi® Collections

Zagers offers a variety of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. You can check out our full lineup below, or stop in to any Zagers location to see select models.

Not sure where to start? Our Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide can help.

J-LX™ Collection

Clean, simple lines frame the welcoming water of our newest product family. With our exclusive patent pending Infrared and Red Light therapy taking hydrotherapy to the next level, we’re leading the industry once again by creating the ultimate wellness experience.

J-400™ Designer Collection

Presenting more rotational PowerPro® Jets, a distinct high-back design, and an adjustable headrest, our designer J-400™ Collection delivers one of our best hydromassage experiences available. 

J-300™ Comfort Collection

Our Signature J-300™ Collection puts comfort at the forefront, featuring premium PowerPro® Jets, repositionable headrests, ergonomically-designed seating, and an advanced control panel. 

J-200™ Classic Collection

The Classic J-200™ Collection has ergonomic jet placement, featuring rotational jets, a two–stage water treatment system and multi-colored lighting.

Jacuzzi® Shell, Cabinet & Cover Selections

Jacuzzi® Shell Options (Platinum & Midnight are stock colors, all others are Special Order)

Jacuzzi® Cabinet Options  (Not all cabinet options available for all collections)

Jacuzzi® Cover Available in Black Prolast only

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Services

Trust Zagers to be your local Jacuzzi Hot Tub service specialists. We offer a full lineup of care, including:

Jacuzzi® Repair

Is your Jacuzzi leaking? Giving an error code? Making weird noises? Let a Zagers repair technician check it out, and you’ll be back to soaking in no time.

Jacuzzi® Service

A Zagers service tech can open, winterize, or drain and clean your Jacuzzi for you.

Jacuzzi® Maintenance

We offer weekly and bi-weekly Jacuzzi® maintenance programs, plus one-off chemical and equipment checks.

Jacuzzi® Water Testing

If you still have nightmares about high school chemistry, or are new to hot tub ownership and still getting the hang of balancing your water, our free water testing service is for you.