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So, you’ve started looking around at hot tubs and spas. There are so many great choices!

We are here to guide you through and make the spa selection process fun and less confusing.

Spa Buyer’s Guide

The Spa Buyer’s Guide below is a quick resource to help you determine your specific needs and budget in order to make hot tub shopping easy.

Zagers has been selling and servicing hot tubs for several years and are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our brands as well as competitor models. 

Once you research online, we look forward to you visiting one of our locations. Our showrooms offer a variety of Jacuzzi, Mira and Dimension One Spas. Our larger stores will have more options on the floor: Jamestown, Southeast Grand Rapids, and Holland.

Talk with an expert spa consultant at any of the 4 Zagers locations in West Michigan.

Are you buying a hot tub for family and friends to enjoy, or will it primarily be for one or two people? What are the ages and height of the users, and do any of them have physical limitations?


If you plan to have multiple people using your hot tub you’ll want to focus on models with lots of open seating. Specialized jet placement may not be as important as built-in blue tooth speakers (although some models have both).


Is this just going to be used to unwind after work or a relaxing way to end date night with your spouse? Consider a 2-3 hot tub that gives each of you a comfortable place to sit or lounge under the stars.


Where do you carry your stress? Check the placement of the jets to ensure they are strategically located in the areas that will give you the greatest benefit. Also consider the jet pressure during selection as some like a deep tissue massage while others prefer something gentler. Sit in the tub dry or schedule a wet test to ensure it’s the spa for you.

Selecting the Location

Private. We recommend a location that offers some privacy. Be aware of outdoor lights, your neighbors’ windows, or trees that lose their leaves in the fall that may interfere with your relaxing sanctuary.

Accessible. During the winter, will it be easy to get into your hot tub from your back door? Is there easy access to electrical hook-up? You’ll also want to consider delivery. A crane may be needed to get into a tricky space, which can add unexpected cost.


Be sure to measure where you plan to place your spa so that it easily fits the space. Will you use a cover lifter? Ensure this apparatus can easily lift up and out of the way.

Pacing on a Foundation

A concrete pad is ideal (with a minimum thickness of 4”), however, this is not your only option. Paving stones, synthetic spa pads, or sturdy decks can also be used as a foundation.

Be sure to check out our complete guide here.


Do you want to experience chromatherapy where the color of your spa lighting can influence your mood in a positive way? Then you may want to consider models that illuminate water falls and provide underwater and exterior lighting.


Is it a must to listen to the calming sound of a waterfall? Music through built-in blue tooth speakers may also be a consideration whether playing a soothing song or party music depending on the occasion.


Is it easy to use the control panel? Are the filters easily accessible? Be sure to ask for a demo of the hot tub that interests you.


Certain models offer technology and apps that make hot tub ownership even easier. This includes the ability to alert your dealer if your hot tub has an error message.

The cost of a hot tub will vary based on the models you’re considering. Zagers carries hot tubs that range from entry-level to luxury pricing. Compare each model’s features, materials, and overall quality and performance to decide which one meets your needs and fits your price range. We offer financing or special offers to stretch your budget further.

There are a few creature comforts to consider right away. The first being steps to get into your spa. You’ll want to coordinate the color with your hot tub cabinet. The other is a cover lifter. Spa covers can be heavy and awkward so finding the right lifter for your space is a nice edition. Based on the model selected and a description of your space, a Zagers sales expert can give you recommendations on which cover lifter may work best.

Once you have selected the best hot tub for your needs, Zagers will determine availability based on its warehouse and its five showrooms. If you are ready to take delivery and the hot tub is in stock, typical turnaround is 5-7 business days. Zagers asks that you email pictures of the delivery location. This will allow us to assess which tools, accessories and manpower we will need to successfully deliver your spa.

The electrical portion of hot tub ownership will be your responsibility. If you have not had a hot tub before, you will need to hire an electrician. An electrical circuit must be installed by an electrical contractor and approved by a local building/electrical inspector. Zagers can supply the names of local electricians that our customers have had a good experience with, but are not affiliated with Zagers.

Most spas are 240V unless specified otherwise and must be hard wired to the power supply. We recommend verifying that the power supplied to the spa is on a dedicated circuit with no other appliances or lights sharing the power.

For basic questions, you can contact your sales professional.  However, if an issue is detected, we recommend you contact the Zagers Service Department.  Service is available Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm. If you call after hours, a message can be left with an attendant and a ticket with be automatically created in our system for follow-up the next business day.

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