Automatic pool cover maintenance

Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance

Automatic pool covers are extremely popular because they offer safety, durability, convenience, and they are aesthetically pleasing (in Michigan it generally means you can forego a fence). This type of cover is a significant investment

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Where to Install Your Hot Tub

Maybe the only thing more exciting to think about than relaxing in your new hot tub is the logistics that go into planning where to install it. Well, okay, those logistics aren’t uber fun, but

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BioGuard SaltScapes Salt Water Pool Care

How to Use the BioGuard SaltScapes Program

Saltwater pools are a popular option for in-ground pool owners. They are preferred for their gentle approach to pool care. But let’s be clear, saltwater pool care still requires chlorine to sanitize the water. A

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How to adjust pH in a pool

How to Adjust pH in a Pool

Keeping the appropriate pH balance in your pool is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pool clean, healthy, and usable all season long. A proper pH makes the water

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How to adjust alkalinity in a pool

Adjusting Alkalinity in a Pool

For a full summer of fun in your pool, balanced water is essential. The right levels of alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness keep swimmers healthy, your pool equipment in great shape, and your mind at

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