The Top 3 Hot Tub Health Benefits

I think we can all agree – hot tubs feel good. They are a source of both relaxation and recreation with friends, family or by yourself after long day. While spas have been around for

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How to Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

It’s that time of year…the weather’s getting cooler, the kids are back in school, and everyone’s closing their pools for the winter. With the change in seasons comes an increase in hot tub use, so

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Choosing the Right Hot Tub

Today’s hot tubs offer a much wider variety of size, shape and amenities than they did 25 years ago. Selecting a hot tub should be a carefully researched and thought out decision. Just like purchasing a car

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Automatic pool cover maintenance

Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance

Automatic pool covers are extremely popular because they offer safety, durability, convenience, and they are aesthetically pleasing (in Michigan it generally means you can forego a fence). This type of cover is a significant investment

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