Enjoy the Pinnacle of Luxury with Dimension One Spas®

Zagers brings the legendary design of Dimension One Spas®, also called D1®, to West Michigan. Intrigued by the high-class design, superior performance, and loaded options? We can’t blame you. Not only are Dimension One Spas® elegant, they also pack a powerful punch of hydrotherapy to targeted muscle groups. When you choose a Dimension One Spa®, you have arrived.

About Dimension One Spas®

Dimension One Spas®, founded in 1977, is the leading manufacturer of award-winning hot tubs,  and home to the world’s first curvilinear spa.

With decades of pushing the envelope of what a hot tub should be, D1® integrates intelligence, utilizes the most durable materials, and offers more features to give give you exactly what you need and want.

Why Choose Dimension One Spas®

Since its inception, Dimension One Spas® has been leading the luxury hot tub space with integrated intelligence, durable materials, precision engineering, and water care management systems that exceed industry standards. D1® spas are an absolutely stunning addition to any home, which is why we here at Zager’s love and carry them.®

Browse the Collection of Dimension One Spas®

Zagers offers an array of Dimension One Spas®. You can check out our full lineup below, or stop in to any Zagers location near you to see select models. 

Not sure where to start? Our Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide can help.®

Bay Collections

The finest hot tubs Dimension One has to offer. Experience the extraordinary with the Bay Collection!

Reflections Collection

The performance line from Dimension One combines the science of hydronomics and advanced engineering.

@Home Collection

Dimension One’s most affordable style, combined with quality and performance for family fun and relaxation.

D1® Shell, Cabinet & Cover Selections

Let Zagers be your West Michigan Dimension One Spa® service specialists. We offer a full lineup of care, including:

Dimension One Repair

Are you getting an error code with your Dimension One Spa®? Is it having a hard time holding water? Select features no longer working? A Zagers hot tub technician can diagnose and repair your spa.

Dimension One Service

A Zagers service tech can open, winterize, or drain and clean your Jacuzzi for you.

Dimension One Maintenance

We can take care of your Dimension One Spa® on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or stop by for a one-off equipment and chemical check.

Dimension One Hot Tub Water Testing

If chemistry makes your palms sweat, or you’re new to hot tub ownership and still getting the hang of balancing your water, our free water testing service is for you.