Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance

Automatic pool cover maintenance

One of the reasons to buy an automatic pool cover is its value over time. So, it only makes sense to take care of it and fully realize that value, right? The job of the pool cover is to make sure your pool is at its cleanest and healthiest so you can have unimpeded fun whenever you want. If you do your job of taking care of the automatic pool cover, it will be able to do its job for many, many years to come.

And really, it’s easy. Nearly effortless. Just a few things to check each day, a few more once a week, and a few more once a month and your cover will enjoy many years on top of your pool so you can enjoy many years in your pool.

Daily Automatic Pool Cover Care

Every day, make sure to:

  1. Have a cover pump set up for use. It’s important to have a cover pump ready to get rid of any water that accumulates on the cover.
  2. Monitor water chemistry. Poorly balanced water is bad for swimming and also bad for the cover, as unbalanced water can deteriorate your pool cover.
  3. Keep the cover clear. This isn’t one of those old pool tables in your friend’s basement that turns into a place to pile things. Remove any towels, toys and the like that could obstruct the cover while opening or closing it.

Weekly Automatic Pool Cover Care

Every week, make sure to:

  1. Remove water from the cover. Large amounts of standing water can cause strain on the motor, pulleys, and cables, leading to damage.
  2. Remove debris and clean the cover. Gently remove twigs and leaves with a soft brush or leaf rake. To clean the cover, we recommend BioGuard Stow Away, which you apply to the closed cover and scrub with a car-wash brush (you can walk barefoot on the cover while you do this). When you’re finished, spray it all to the middle and pump out the dirty water.
  3. Leave the cover open after adding chemicals. The gases will need at least two hours to escape, so leave the cover open that long. And, of course, don’t let any unsupervised children in the pool area while the cover is open.
  4. Open the cover. At least once a week, fully open the cover. This helps gases escape and avoid building up in the pool water. Again, keep unsupervised children away.

Monthly Automatic Pool Cover Care

To keep your pool cover in its absolute best shape, do each of the following once a month:

  1. Clean the cover tracks. Inspect and clean the tracks, removing any large debris by hand and using a garden hose to spray out the tracks. Spray off all chemical residue to prolong the life of the mechanical components.
  2. Clean the housing. Remove dirt and debris from the housing box. If you don’t, the drain can clog, filling the box with water, damaging the system and cutting into your pool time.
  3. Examine the fabric. Is there any sign of wear or damage? Properly maintained, the fabric can last 8-10 years, so don’t skip this step.

A Safety Pool Cover is Also a Good Idea

Worth noting: we highly recommend installing a safety cover over your automatic pool cover when winterizing your pool. We’ll say that louder for those in the back: you should install a safety pool cover over your automatic pool cover. Winter snowfall and conditions can take a toll on your automatic cover therefore we highly recommend protecting it with a safety cover that is designed to handle the elements. This prolongs the life of your automatic cover fabric and mechanism, and provides an additional measure of security.

Note Any Issues

As you check off these items, it’s good to think about any issues you might be having, questions you have, or whether you’d like your automated pool cover system inspected. Contact us with any or all of the above. We’re here to help you help yourself to as many enjoyable summers as possible.

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