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Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance

By Zagers

One of the reasons to buy an automatic pool cover is its value over time. So, it only makes sense to take care of it and fully realize that value, right? The job of the pool cover is to make sure your pool is at its cleanest and healthiest so you can have unimpeded fun…

Where to Install Your Hot Tub

By Zagers

Maybe the only thing more exciting to think about than relaxing in your new hot tub is the logistics that go into planning where to install it. Well, okay, those logistics aren’t uber fun, but they are highly important. The view and who is going to enjoy it first are what most people think about,…

How to Use the BioGuard SaltScapes Program

By Zagers

Saltwater pools are a popular option for in-ground pool owners. They are preferred for their gentle approach to pool care. But let’s be clear, saltwater pool care still requires chlorine to sanitize the water. A saltwater pool converts salt to unstabilized chlorine that dissipates quickly and therefore requires regular water balancing and maintenance to keep…

How to Clean the Three Most Common Above Ground Pool Filters

By Zagers

If you have an above ground pool, you’ve got a dirty job to do. Whether you have a cartridge, D.E., or sand pool filter, it needs a cleaning every so often (see below for when). The good news is you don’t have to be Mike Rowe to handle it, or even get that messy. We…

How to Adjust pH in a Pool

By Zagers

Keeping the appropriate pH balance in your pool is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pool clean, healthy, and usable all season long. A proper pH makes the water safe for swimming, helps your sanitizer work more effectively, and allows your pool equipment to last as long as it’s…

Adjusting Alkalinity in a Pool

By Zagers

For a full summer of fun in your pool, balanced water is essential. The right levels of alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness keep swimmers healthy, your pool equipment in great shape, and your mind at ease. We always recommend adjusting alkalinity first as it’s so important to the pH. Alkalinity is, after all, a measure…

Solutions to the Chlorine Shortage

By Jason Dodge

The news is out and it’s true, there’s going to be a national chlorine shortage this summer. There are two main reasons for the chlorine shortage. The first is that one of the major U.S.-based chlorine tablet producers burned down last August, causing a significant drop in manufacturing (there are only two other manufacturers in…

How Much Does It Cost to Build an In-Ground Pool?

By Jason Dodge

Do you dream of lying by a pool in your own backyard, cooling off with a swim, and relaxing in your own private sanctuary? Do you wonder it would cost to bring this dream to life? We’re here to help give you an idea. In-ground pool costs can vary greatly depending on the type of…

How to Measure for a Hot Tub Cover

By Jason Dodge

How to Measure for a Hot Tub Cover When it’s time for a new or replacement hot tub cover, proper measurements are essential. A cover that fits will retain heat and last longer. An ill-fitting cover won’t, pardon the pun, measure up. Not sure if you need a new spa cover? Check out our post…

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