Maybe the only thing more exciting to think about than relaxing in your new hot tub is the logistics that go into planning where to install it. Well, okay, those logistics aren’t uber fun, but they are highly important. The view and who is going to enjoy it first are what most people think about, but there are practical items to consider, too. We’ll go through all of it here to help you decide where to install your hot tub.

Location, Location, Location

We’re not stealing a cliché from real estate. There truly are (at least!) three location considerations. First, and the most common thing hot tub buyers consider, is where they’re going to put it, aka the setting. Second, the foundation for the hot tub has to be suitable for its weight and size if you want to avoid a leaky mess. Third is powering it properly. Get these figured out and you’ll be well on your way to installing your hot tub.

1. Setting Considerations

Generally speaking, you want the right scene without being able to be seen. Here’s what makes that:

  • A pleasant view. Do you have beautiful landscaping? A pond? Any view that you enjoy will help enhance your spa experience.
  • Privacy. It’s hard to relax if you’re on display, so consider a spot with good privacy. Also, think about all seasons—thick, green leaves in the summer may give you a lot of privacy, but the bare branches in the winter will not. Most people only want their neighbors to see the spa if they intend on inviting them over; that’s up to you, of course.
  • Shelter. You don’t want to be battered by high winds or hail… that really ruins the vibe. Plus, spa operation and maintenance generally cost less when protected from the elements.
  • No reflections. Any reflective glass or surface can deflect heat and cause damage to the synthetic cabinet panels. You definitely want to avoid that if you can.
  • No overhead power lines. Simply put: it’s just dangerous. Don’t risk it. Make sure your hot tub is at least 10 feet away from any overhead power lines.

2. Foundation Considerations

Think you’ve found the perfect spot for your spa? You probably have, but before you start prepping the foundation, let’s make sure everything’s going to be working safely.

Spas are heavy, even when empty. Fill them up with hundreds of gallons of water, then put some people in there, and these things need immense weight support. The base needs to be smooth, flat, level and able to uniformly support the spa weight without shifting or settling. So what type of foundation can you use?

There are three types of acceptable foundations. We’ve listed from best to better to good.

  • A poured, reinforced concrete slab at least four inches thick is what we recommend. This concrete pad is the most reliable, best performing foundation for your hot tub.
  • Another option is wood decking with a concrete foundation, which should also give you a reliable base.
  • You can also purchase synthetic spa pads from us. These spa pads can be placed on a smooth, flat, level surface and work well.

Regardless of the type of foundation you go with, keep these additional things in mind:

  • Make sure the water drains away from it. Without proper drainage, the spa equipment can flood.
  • Never install a spa on a balcony, roof or other platform away from the main structural support without first consulting a professional structural engineer.
  • Ensure the foundation meets all these requirements. Don’t cheat yourself! Not only can a haphazard installation hurt your spa and equipment, it also voids the warranty. That is a double whammy you do not want.

3. Electric Considerations

Very important: your electrical circuit must be installed by an electrical contractor and approved by a local building/electrical inspector. Again, don’t cheat yourself. This is not only crucial to the spa itself but, more important, the safety of you and your guests.

Most spas are 240 volts and have to be hardwired to the power supply. Make sure the power to the spa is on a dedicated circuit with no other appliances or lights sharing the power.

Don’t Forget to Think About Delivery

One last thing to consider when positioning your hot tub: can we get it there? The answer is yes, we can, but we may need to make special arrangements. If you have a narrow gate, close trees, odd angles, or landscaping that needs to be avoided, we need to know that up front so our delivery crew can hone their Tetris skills and we can be properly prepared to get your hot tub in the right spot.

So, there you have it. Find your best setting, make sure it meets all the requirements (or adjust if necessary), plan for your delivery, and get ready to say “ahhhhh.”

Questions? Ask us!