If you’re in the market to buy a hot tub, you’ve probably read about salt water and chlorine hot tubs.

Which one should you choose? While both options have pros and cons, the type of hot tub you purchase ultimately comes down to personal preference.

To help with your decision, we’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Salt Water Hot Tub – Advantages

No Chlorine Required

Despite popular belief, spa salt systems DO have chlorine. They actually create their own chlorine naturally, without binders or additives. This pure chlorine, is hailed as gentler on the skin and clothing. Because it’s generated organically, you don’t need to spend money on chlorine tablets or bromine. Keep in mind, you still need to balance and shock your hot tub with an oxidizer to keep water clean, so you will spend some money on chemicals.

Odor Free

Because of its natural chlorinating abilities, a salt water hot tub produces much less odor than a chlorine hot tub. This means your clothes and skin won’t have that all-to-familiar chlorine smell after a long soak.

Softer Water

Perhaps one of the best features of a salt water hot tub is the way the water feels — soft and smooth. The salt used is sodium chloride, the same salt as the ocean, but lesser quantities. This slightly salty water leaves your skin soft and refreshed.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine: the Pros and Cons

Salt Water Hot Tub Disadvantages


Because of the corrosive nature of salt, hot tub equipment may become damaged over time. And, salt chlorination cells need to be replaced every two or three years.


Salt water hot tubs cost more upfront because of the salt water generator. And, as stated above, you may need to replace parts more often due to the corrosive nature of salt. Daily maintenance, however, tends to be less expensive than chlorine hot tubs.

As you can see, the decision to purchase salt water or chlorine hot tubs really comes down to personal preference. Cost and maintenance may matter to you, while feel of the water and odor may not. Whether you choose a salt water or a chlorine hot tub, we know you’ll enjoy kicking back and relaxing in your new purchase.

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