Having a fun and memorable pool party is a great way to make use of an in-ground pool or above ground pool. Throwing a pool party doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are 5 simple tips on how to make any pool party a success.

1. Activities

Like any other party, make sure guests stay entertained without having a rigid, planned schedule. Besides swimming, there should be several other activities to partake in. Volleyball, Marco-polo, basketball or even different swimming related contests are a great way to make sure your friends and family stays entertained and have a great time. Activities could also mean having a well-stocked supply of pool toys, anything from noodles, to goggles to diving coins.

2. Food and Drink

Keeping guests full at any party is crucial. The food at a pool party needs to be simple “finger food.” You need food that is easy to hop out of the pool, eat, and hop right back in. Have several options such as fruits, chips, crackers, easy desserts and a few main dishes. Summer pool parties are also a good time to grill out. So, fire up the grill and enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers and anything else that can be thrown on there.

3. Prepare Your Pool

A pool should be cleaned, skimmed and treated before the guests arrive for the party. Empty out the skimmer basket if applicable and make sure the pool is in great condition before the guests arrive. Also, don’t over-invite. Pools have a specific capacity and for good reason. Keep in mind that after 20+ people enter the pool, so does more sweat, dirt, sunscreen and oil. Shocking your pool and running the pump for 8 hours or so the next day is not a bad idea.

4. Music

The music sets the mood for the entire party. Try to pick songs that everybody knows – there’s nothing worse than listening to 5 hours of music you don’t know. A good idea is to make a “Pool Party” playlist. This way, changing the song every couple of minutes and listening to commercials is never an issue. Also, consider the audience. It is generally a good idea to avoid explicit music when hosting a family friendly pool party.

5. Timely Invites

Send pool party invites at least two weeks in advance. Keep in mind work schedules, sporting events and “busy” weekend plans. Always have a backup date – keep an eye on the weather and make sure to have the event when swimming conditions are safe.

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