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I’m Going on Vacation. What Should I Do with My Pool?

By zagers00stg

Bags packed? Check. Lawn mowed? Check. Healthy snacks for kids in the car? Check. Dog dropped off at Aunt Linda’s? Check! You’re almost ready to take that much-needed vacation, when it hits you…What about the pool? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are some best practices for preparing your pool before you head out on the…

Above Ground Pools – The Lower Maintenance Option

By zagers00stg

  In-ground and above ground pools both require weekly upkeep and maintenance. From skimming, to cleaning the cover, to changing the filter, some general maintenance is required on a daily basis. In-ground and above ground pools both possess unique benefits, but one of the greatest benefits of above ground pools is the lower maintenance they…

Why You Should Choose Doughboy Liners

By zagers00stg

  There are many choices when it comes to finding the right pool liner. Doughboy Pools offer a wide selection of liners for a wide variety of applications. They are also the go-to resource for pumps, filters, accessories as well as above ground pools, recessed pools and pool kits. Today, there are many different options for…

Quality Pool Professionals – Doughboy Pools

By zagers00stg

Buying a pool for the first time is a fun and exciting experience. In-ground or above ground, there are many considerations. Finding and partnering with a quality pool dealer does not have to be a difficult process. Doughboy Pools produce some of the most reliable and adaptable pools and liners on the market today. Whether…

Everything You Need to Know About Above Ground Pool Installation

By zagers00stg

Becoming a pool owner is an exciting time. After the purchase comes the installation. The process may seem foreign to some people This post will help explain what to expect during the installation process. Besides quality of work, quick installation is important to many new pool owners. Improperly installed pools can lead to uneven surfaces, leaks and tears in…

Should I Get a Deep End in My Pool?

By zagers00stg

There are many options in today’s pool world. The pool buyer can choose pool size, shape, style, liner color and much more. One of the biggest questions asked during the pool buying process is whether or not a deep end is needed. Often, there is not a standard answer. Having a deep end in the…

Can an Above Ground Pool Have a Deep End?

By zagers00stg

Above Ground Pools With a Deep End – What to Know Thinking about getting an above ground pool, but wanting the depth of an in-ground? Above ground pools have more flexibility than one might think. Deep end above ground pools are a great option for potential pool buyers who want the depth and size of…

Safety Tips for Above Ground Pools

By zagers00stg

Just like in-ground pools, above ground pools require the same amount of safety and responsibility. It is important that pool owners take the proper steps to ensure that their pool is safe for not only themselves, but their guests as well. There is overlap between in-ground and above ground safety tips. This list will attempt…

Four Fast Facts: Vinyl Pool Liners

By zagers00stg

Generally speaking, there are three different types of in-ground pools. Fiberglass, vinyl liner and concrete are all options, with varying benefit. In this post, vinyl liners will be discussed. Vinyl liners are the most popular option for in-ground pools and in most cases, the only option for above ground pools. They have become increasingly common…

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