Should I Get a Deep End in My Pool?

There are many options in today’s pool world. The pool buyer can choose pool size, shape, style, liner color and much more. One of the biggest questions asked during the pool buying process is whether or not a deep end is needed. Often, there is not a standard answer. Having a deep end in the pool depends on a number of factors that should all be carefully considered before making the decision. Generally, the argument is usually split. Some prefer the variety of having different depths, and others prefer consistency. This article will cover a few talking points you should mull over before making a decision.


One of the first things you should consider is what the primary use of the pool will be. If the pool will be used purely for leisure, a deep end is probably not necessary. On the other side of that, a higher activity pool would probably benefit from having a deep end. Also, consider pool games, such as volleyball, which are most commonly played in the shallow end of the pool.


Fortunatelymaintenance for both deep end and shallow swimming pools is relatively the sameVacuuming might be more difficult with slopes and deeper sections, but for the most part, maintenance is very similar. Filtration systems and pumps will also be nearly identical. In most cases, the deep end does not increase the water level enough to warrant a larger pump.


Pool safety should be enforced at every pool, regardless of depth or size. Drowning can occur at any water level, so responsible swimming should always be emphasized. With regard to the possibility of diving in deep end pools, it is required by law in most states to post “Do Not Dive” signs if the water is below a certain depth.

Do You Want a Deep End in Your Pool?

The main question to ask when considering pool depth is: What is the pool going to be used for? If the pool is going to entertain higher energy activities like jumping and diving, a pool with a deep end is probably a better. Shallow pools with a uniform depth tend to be a better choice for young kids and leisurely pool owners. Luckily, both in-ground pools and above ground pools can have both a shallow and deep end. Learn more about installing an above ground pool with a deep end.

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