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Should I Remove Snow from My Pool Cover?

By Zagers

When you’ve made an investment in creating your own backyard oasis, it’s important to take care of it all year long. One important way to do so is by removing snow from your pool cover during the winter season. What Happens to Ice and Snow on a Pool Cover? If you own an above-ground swimming…

6 Things to Do Before Installing Your Pool

By Zagers

Shorten your pool installation time by checking these things off your to do list. At Zagers, we see your excitement when you decide to purchase an above ground or in-ground pool. You’re ready to swim the next day! But pool installation can take time. Because we know you’d like to jump in as soon as…

11 Steps to Opening Your In-Ground Pool

By zagers00stg

After a long, cold winter, it’s so exciting to see the trees and grass starting to turn green. It’s finally time to think about opening your in-ground pool! Opening an in-ground pool is a multi-step process. Keep in mind that Zagers’ professionally trained staff is always ready to assist you. We can answer questions, provide…

I’m Going on Vacation. What Should I Do with My Pool?

By zagers00stg

Bags packed? Check. Lawn mowed? Check. Healthy snacks for kids in the car? Check. Dog dropped off at Aunt Linda’s? Check! You’re almost ready to take that much-needed vacation, when it hits you…What about the pool? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are some best practices for preparing your pool before you head out on the…

Health Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

By zagers00stg

Having your own swimming pool is not only convenient, it can provide overall health benefits as well. Warmer weather is just around the corner bringing with it the opportunity to get outside and enjoy fun in the sun! Swimming is a summertime favorite and owning a pool can provide a host of benefits including a place…

Why You Should Choose Doughboy Liners

By zagers00stg

  There are many choices when it comes to finding the right pool liner. Doughboy Pools offer a wide selection of liners for a wide variety of applications. They are also the go-to resource for pumps, filters, accessories as well as above ground pools, recessed pools and pool kits. Today, there are many different options for…

Should I Get a Deep End in My Pool?

By zagers00stg

There are many options in today’s pool world. The pool buyer can choose pool size, shape, style, liner color and much more. One of the biggest questions asked during the pool buying process is whether or not a deep end is needed. Often, there is not a standard answer. Having a deep end in the…

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