Can an Above Ground Pool Have a Deep End?

Above ground pools have more flexibility than one might think. Deep end above ground pools are a great option for potential pool buyers who want the depth and size of an in-ground pool, but don’t want to commit to an in-ground pool. Both in-ground and above ground pools with deep ends have many different options and features. This article will shed light on the possibility of having a deep end in an above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Depths

above ground pool depths

The three most common wall heights for above ground pools are: 48″, 52″, and 54″. In most cases, the pool water is actually about 6″ lower than the height of the walls. Generally, these heights would work great for most pool owners.

However, many pool owners would like to have the ability to go deeper than 4 feet. Luckily, above ground pools can have both shallow and deep ends, just like an in-ground pool. Another pool option that is gaining popularity is the semi in-ground pool design. However, be sure you fully understand the costs of semi in-ground pools first.

How Deep Can the Deep End Be?

about ground pool with a deep end

When considering depth, it is important that the slope is gradual. The standard liner cannot stretch much more than 1 foot deeper in the middle.

Basically, if the depth around the edges is 4 feet, the recommended middle depth is 5 feet.

If that middle depth isn’t quite enough, don’t worry. Expandable liners are the go-to choice when above ground pool depth is a necessity.

Expandable Liners for Added Depth

The term “expandable liner” can be misleading. Vinyl pool liners are, by design, already expandable. The only difference between an expandable liner and a standard liner is that the expandable liner has about 12″ more side vinyl material. The extra side material allows an additional foot of depth in the pool’s center.

In other words, if the pool side depth is 4 feet, the added material can extend the middle depth to 6 feet.

Keep in mind: Pool size and shape matter. Smaller pools are not able to accommodate as deep of water as larger pools, due to the fact that the deep end slope has to be gradual. Also, most above ground pool liners are design for a flat depth. Adding a deep end to the center of the pool can sometimes lead to liner wrinkles if not installed properly.

It is important to discuss depth options with your local pool professional to ensure liner and pool installation are handled with care.

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