Above Ground Pools – The Lower Maintenance Option


In-ground and above ground pools both require weekly upkeep and maintenance. From skimming, to cleaning the cover, to changing the filter, some general maintenance is required on a daily basis. In-ground and above ground pools both possess unique benefits, but one of the greatest benefits of above ground pools is the lower maintenance they require. Not only is the upkeep generally lower than most other alternatives, but it tends to be more cost effective too. This post will help define some of the light maintenance required on above ground pools.


Above ground pool care can be broken down into a few easy steps.




All pools have a pump that circulates water through the filter system and back to the pool. Generally, if the water has more motion, the less chance bacteria and algae have to take hold and grow. To ensure water maintains flow and avoids stagnation, it is suggested to let the main pool pump run at least 8-10 hours per day, 6-7 days per week.


The filter is one of the most important pieces of pool filtration and circulation. It removes both visible debris and microscopic matter. It is recommended to backwash the filter weekly, and treat with a chemical cleaner once a season – in addition to “shock” after heavy use periods. Circulation and filtration work together to prevent cloudy, debris filled water. Also, maintenance may vary depending on the type of filter – such as a cartridge, sand or DE.




Almost all swimming pools have areas with little or no circulation, this can include: stairs, steps or ladders. These low circulation areas are where bacteria and algae growth are most common. It is recommended to brush the walls and floor down at least once a week to keep the entire pool clean. Automatic cleaners make this step much easier, but manual vacuuming and cleaning work just as well.


Chemical Care


One of the most crucial steps in pool maintenance is the chemical balance. Having the right mix of chemicals will keep the pool safe, sanitary and crystal clear. In addition to safety, sanitation and clear water, chemicals also prevent algae build up on the hard to reach areas under stairs or behind ladders. In order to find the right balance of chemicals, testing needs to be done on a regular basis. Test strips can be found at almost every pool supply store, along with the chemicals needed to achieve perfect pool water.


Maintenance for an above ground pool can be almost completely covered in under three main steps. Avoid the hassle of an in-ground or temporary inflatable pool, and make an investment into a high quality, low maintenance above ground pool by Doughboy.

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