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How to Maintain a Pool

By Zagers

Owning a swimming pool takes some work. But if you tackle the following three things on the regular, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment while minimizing hassle. 1. Check Chemical Levels Weekly Often, balancing chemical levels is the most daunting task for new and veteran pool owners, but it doesn’t have to be. A…

Above Ground Pools – The Lower Maintenance Option

By zagers00stg

  In-ground and above ground pools both require weekly upkeep and maintenance. From skimming, to cleaning the cover, to changing the filter, some general maintenance is required on a daily basis. In-ground and above ground pools both possess unique benefits, but one of the greatest benefits of above ground pools is the lower maintenance they…

Pool Chemical Safety

By zagers00stg

How to Handle Pool Chemicals Safely Staying safe around water is important! We’ve got some tips on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe around pool chemicals this summer. Using your pool chemicals the right way will safeguard the health of your swimmers. BioGuard, our premier chemical supplier, gives these tips on pool…

It’s HOT! You’re in the Pool a LOT!

By zagers00stg

Is Your Pool Clean Enough for Swimming? Hey Guys!  Let’s go swimming! Lots of us hear those joyous words when summer hits and the temperature rises.  What could be better than spending the day outside, in the warm sun and a cool swimming pool.  You’re all set for the outdoors, right? Lounge chair – check!…

The Pool Is a Swamp! Now What?

By zagers00stg

How to Clean a Disgustingly Dirty Swimming Pool These days we often hear this question: “I just bought a foreclosed home with a swimming pool. The pool is a mess; what should I do?” People want to know if they should drain the pool if there is a vinyl liner, and the answer is No!The only…

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