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Four Fast Facts: Vinyl Pool Liners

By zagers00stg

Generally speaking, there are three different types of in-ground pools. Fiberglass, vinyl liner and concrete are all options, with varying benefit. In this post, vinyl liners will be discussed. Vinyl liners are the most popular option for in-ground pools and in most cases, the only option for above ground pools. They have become increasingly common…

Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pool: Which is Right for You?

By zagers00stg

With the summer on the way, it’s time to start considering which type of pool is best for you. Above ground and in-ground pools each have numerous benefits, and depending on the situation, one might be a better fit than the other. It is important to carefully consider which type of pool is going to…

How To Find Above Ground Pool Leaks

By zagers00stg

  During the lifetime of most pools, it is not uncommon to find a leak. It’s normal for water to evaporate from a swimming pool. Splashing can also lead to minor water loss. However, when the water level goes down at a rapid rate, there’s often a leak in the liner. In most cases, the…

Pool Safety: Fact or Fiction?

By zagers00stg

Being a pool owner requires attention to detail as well as responsibility. It becomes your job to keep everybody who goes into the pool safe. In the pool world, there is a multitude of advice and tips on how to keep pools safe. But, how do you know what’s true and what’s not? This article will break…

Everything You Need to Know About a Swim Spa

By zagers00stg

To put it simply, a swim spa is an endless swimming pool. It provides the exercise of a full size swimming pool, in the convenient size of a spa. Swim spas are the perfect option if you’re looking to get the aerobic benefits of a swimming pool, with cost and space savings in mind. This article will…

The Most Common Pool Chemical Misconceptions

By zagers00stg

In the pool and spa world, pool chemical balance misconceptions are common. Myths and truths are often used incorrectly. This can lead to the wrong solution to the water chemistry problem or question. This article will go over some of the most common pool and spa water balance questions. It will also discuss the correct answer to the…

Saltwater Purification Systems – What’s the Big Deal?

By zagers00stg

Today’s hot tubs are more customizable than ever.  This gives the spa owner great options when it comes to choosing a method of sanitization. Saltwater Purification Systems (SPS) generate small amounts of sanitizer in a natural, nearly chemical-free fashion. They are able to do this by using salt. SPS are often considered excellent alternatives to…

Troubleshooting Problem Spa Water

By zagers00stg

Like any addition to a home, hot tubs also have minor hiccups from time to time. Whether the water is a bit cloudier than usual or the spa cover is fading and cracking, this list will help diagnose those problems and provide solutions to fixing them. Most all of the items on this list are…

Top 5 Myths About Hot Tubs and Spas

By zagers00stg

Hot tub and spa myths are always going to be around. The important thing to do is to decide which is true and which is false. Owning a hot tub is a great experience and it is important that spa owners have all of the correct facts and information. Having the proper information will lead to a…

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