During the lifetime of most pools, it is not uncommon to find a leak. It’s normal for water to evaporate from a swimming pool. Splashing can also lead to minor water loss. However, when the water level goes down at a rapid rate, there’s often a leak in the liner. In most cases, the longer the leak remains, the larger the hassle it becomes. Pool leaks can be caused by a variety of things but the two most common are the liner and the plumbing. This post will help you narrow down the possible cause, as well as offer advice on how to remedy the leak.

Inspecting the Liner

While consulting your area pool professional is recommended, there are a few home diagnostics that can be done in order to try and isolate the issue. On average, most pools can lose between one-half to one inch of water per day. It is helpful to mark with tape the water level on a daily basis. When the water level stops dropping, you can be sure that the leak is above that level.

Exterior Walls

The first check is to look for tears or damage around returns, lights and corners. Look for wetness along the walls, especially around seams and skimmer fitters. Also check for signs of moisture along step, ladder, support fittings and light housing.

The Dye Test

If visual inspection did not yield any results, you can add a very small amount of dye (one drop) into calm water. With the pump off, the water will follow the path of least resistance. It should be fairly easy to tell which direction the dye is flowing. This is also a great way to test for leaks in the bottom of the pool. In addition to the dye test, leaks on the pool bottom may also be indicated by a soft or squishy feeling under the liner.

Inspecting the Pump

With the pool pump off, examine the fittings and pipes for any access moisture. In most cases, pump and plumbing leaks should be handled by a pool professional. All other possible causes for a leak should be inspected by an expert before turning attention to the pump or plumbing.

Pool leaks can be a tricky matter. Luckily, pool care professionals have the latest technology and know how to make repairs quick and easy. The faster the leak can be remedied, the faster you can get back  to enjoying your pool.

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