In the pool and spa world, pool chemical balance misconceptions are common. Myths and truths are often used incorrectly. This can lead to the wrong solution to the water chemistry problem or question. This article will go over some of the most common pool and spa water balance questions. It will also discuss the correct answer to the myth at hand.

Chlorine Causes Red Eyes


Contrary to popular belief, eye redness and irritation is actually due to an improper pH balance. The pH balance is a representation of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. A healthy pool usually registers around a 7.4. To adjust the pH balance in your pool, test the water with test strips to see what chemicals can be added or subtracted to get the perfect balance.

Clean and Clear Water Generally Means That the Water is Safe


Don’t be deceived by crystal clear water. In fact, bacteria and viruses are completely invisible to the human eye. In many cases if the water is clear and clean, it’s probably okay to swim in. Also note that although the water may look harmless, the pH balance could still be off.

50-100 ppm is an Ideal Range for Cyanuric Acid


Cyanuric Acid is a chlorine prevention loss chemical. It prevents UV rays from destroying the chlorine in a swimming pool and is one of the most common pool chemicals used today. The ideal range for Cyanuric Acid is between 20-30 ppm. When it prevents UV rays from removing the chlorine, it is also preventing the ability for chlorine to sanitize properly. When this happens, it makes it much more difficult to keep a residual chlorine level of chlorine in the system.

If the Pool Smells Like Chlorine, It’s Probably Clean


This is one of the most misleading myths about pool chemicals today. If the pool smells like chlorine, it just means that chlorine is present. By itself, chlorine has almost no odor in the water. When it comes in contact with chemicals such as Nitrogen or Ammonia, it creates that familiar pungent smell. This combination of chemicals is called “Chloramine.” To prevent this, it is necessary to shock the pool – this will break up the combinations. Pool chemical balance can be very tricky. It is important to pay attention to the pool whether or not you are the owner. Proper water balance is the key to enjoying a pool or spa, and can either make or break your experience.

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