Safety Tips for Above Ground Pools

Just like in-ground pools, above ground pools require the same amount of safety and responsibility. It is important that pool owners take the proper steps to ensure that their pool is safe for not only themselves, but their guests as well. There is overlap between in-ground and above ground safety tips. This list will attempt to cover a few basic safety tips for above ground pools as well as general tips. Additional safety tips for pools in general can be found here.

Tip #1: Install Fencing

While fence barriers are usually required by law, all above ground pools should have a fence barrier installed around the edge of the pool and along the stairway leading up to the swim platform. In addition to the fencing, the stairs leading to the deck or swim platform should be gated. While the main purpose of fencing is to provide a safe swimming environment, fencing also enhances the appearance of the pool. It is also not a bad idea to install some form of lighting on the pool fence. One attractive option is solar lighting, which do not require switching on and off.

Tip #2: Steps or Ladder

Steps and a locking ladder are a must for above ground pools. Steps and ladders allow for easy entry and exit from the pool. Hand rails on the steps or ladder are also a great idea, and help prevent slipping. For both ladders and steps, proper installation is essential. The steps, ladder and railing all need to provide solid support at all times. Pool supply stores offer a wide variety of step and ladder options. Step and ladder needs will all vary depending on your situation and pool size.

Tip #3: Alarm System

There has been much progress in pool alarm systems since they were first introduced to the pool and spa world. Today, new methods allow detection similar to a 1- year old child weighing 18 pounds. Essentially, when the alarm is in the “on” position, an alarm is sounded when there is entry into the pool. While there are many different alarm options, there are consistencies between models, such as simplicity and ease of use.

Tip #4: Signs, Equipment and Supervision

Pool signage with safety and emergency information is required in almost every state. It is highly recommended to post signs that show, at the very least, emergency contact information and pool depth. It is also a good idea to have basic safety equipment such as a shepherd’s crook and lifesaving rings. Contact your local pool professionals to see what safety signage is required in your area. Additionally, keep in mind that swimming alone is dangerous. Try to always go with at least one other person.

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