Four Fast Facts: Vinyl Pool Liners

Generally speaking, there are three different types of in-ground pools. Fiberglass, vinyl liner and concrete are all options, with varying benefit. In this post, vinyl liners will be discussed. Vinyl liners are the most popular option for in-ground pools and in most cases, the only option for above ground pools. They have become increasingly common for their customization, ease of use and cost-effective price.


Vinyl pool liners offer an incredible range of shape and depth. Because of its ability to stretch and form to a shape, vinyl pool liners are an extremely attractive option to both traditional and unique pool shapes and depths. In the past, pool liners came in a few basic patterns and colors. Today, several different patterns and colors are available to fit any need. If customization is an important feature to you, the best option is a vinyl liner.


Unlike fiberglass and concrete, vinyl pool liners provide an extremely soft feel, without being too slippery. Concrete and fiber glass pool tend to feel more abrasive when compared to vinyl. Soft vinyl may prove to be the best choice if less experienced swimmers are going to frequent the pool. Recently, vinyl liners have been made available that offer a no-slip finish, making it a perfect choice for children and younger swimmers.

Less Chemical Use

Due to vinyl’s non-porous nature, it harbors far less algae than a concrete or fiberglass pool. When fewer algae are present, fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool clean. Using fewer chemicals will not only save you money, but time spent going to the pool supply store. Additionally, vinyl tends to be much easier to clean if algae and debris is present in the pool. Keep in mind that chemical balance is very important with vinyl lined pools. While you will use less, you still have to maintain the proper balance. Using a high concentration of chemicals can lead to premature staining.

Cost Effective

In just about every market, initial price is a consideration for the buyer. In most cases, a vinyl liner pool will have the lowest initial install price. Most of the cost savings are due to lower material and installation costs. Additionally, a well maintained liner can last upwards of ten years before needing to be replaced. Today’s pool liners are made with a thicker vinyl. This not only helps with durability, but also helps protect against UV damage.


Vinyl pool liners are consistently a top choice among new pool buyers because of their cost-conscious price point, customization ease and budget friendly maintenance.  For a complete description on why a vinyl liner could be the best fit for you, visit your local pool professionals.

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