Buying a pool for the first time is a fun and exciting experience. In-ground or above ground, there are many considerations. Finding and partnering with a quality pool dealer does not have to be a difficult process. Doughboy Pools produce some of the most reliable and adaptable pools and liners on the market today. Whether it’s a recessed pool, above ground pool or liner, one constant is quality. First off, let’s look at the different pools that Doughboy offers.


Recessed Pool

Recessed pools are semi in-ground pools that provide a strong steel or resin frame below the surface – whereas full in-ground pools would require a concrete base. Recessed pools are perfect for consumers who want the aesthetic of an in-ground pool, but don’t want to invest as heavily. Doughboy offers a wide variety recessed pools that are sure to fit any style.

Benefits of a Recessed Pool

  • Deep end compatibility – up to 7ft
  • Fast installation – often times under a week
  • More cost effective than traditional in-ground pools
  • Doughboy also offers lifetime warranties


Above Ground Pool

Another point-of-pride in Doughboy’s pool selection is their above ground pools. Steel or resin framed pools are the two main options used today. Luckily, Doughboy has been perfecting the process for over 65 years. Steel framed pools provide more protective layers, coatings, and treatments to offer the ultimate protection against corrosion and abrasion. Resin framed pools provide an elegant, smooth finish along with unparalleled strength and durability.


So far, recessed and above ground pools have been discussed, but there is another Doughboy offering that might also be an attractive option.


Lap Pools

Lap pools are a great option for the health conscious consumer who are able to recognize the many benefits of swimming. Lap pools provide a great aerobic workout in the comfort of your backyard.

Doughboy offers two lap pool sizes:

  • 40×16 (583 ft²)
  • 44×12 (494 ft²)

In addition to providing some of the highest quality pools on the market, Doughboy also provides top notch pool liners. In fact, Doughboy is the only above ground pool manufacturer that is also a principal producer of virgin vinyl-liner material. Their liners are created to the original and exclusive Doughboy specifications to ensure exceptional quality. Be sure to check out our post on “Doughboy Liners” to learn even more about them.

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