Pools and hot tubs can be a great part of your fitness regimen, including workout recovery. But when is the best time to use your pool or hot tub surrounding your training?



What Does Science Say?

Studies endorsed by the National Institutes of Health have suggested that “underwater water-jet massage, in connection with intense strength/power training, increases the release of proteins from muscle tissue into the blood and enhances the maintenance of neuro-muscular performance capacity.

So, what does that mean for your everyday training schedule or your weekend warrior self? Plenty. Post-workout, it’s recommended that you wait a day or two for your muscles to “calm down” from your intense activities, but that you hop in the spa following that brief break to assist your body in the repair and renewal of your muscles.

Wait to Soak in the Hot Tub Until After a Full Cool Down

As the proteins release after exercise, you will begin to feel that ache or soreness set in, which is normal for stressed muscles; that is how they build and rebuild. By using the spa after that period of time where your muscles have been taxed, but have calmed down, that excess lactic acid you experience is ushered out by the hydro and heat therapy. This can speed recovery in athletes and active people of all levels, not just the pros.  

Take to the Pool Right After Exercise

So what should you do right after exercise for relief? Science says, hit the cool pool! Since your muscles are in a state of work, or even overwork, the cold water burst can help ease the inflammation that is a natural state of your muscles after a workout. Alternating cold and hot hydrotherapy can help you recover from your activity faster and more effectively, which means you will not be so sore for so long—good news for both pool and spa folks.

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